88. Poutine From Dairy Belle

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88. Poutine from Dairy Belle
Pull into the parking lot of Dairy Belle on Route 1 is like entering a midcentury Americana roadside stand. Yet Dairy Belle has been around only since 1998, and it was conceived by French Canadians.

Picnic tables parallel the interior of stand with the red-and-white awning. "Nous Sommes FERME Les Lundis," reads the sign. The shop is closed on Mondays. 

Ice cream and poutine are the specialties here. And although the ice cream is available
only in chocolate and vanilla, poutine options vary: Italian poutine. Club sandwich poutine. Peas and chicken poutine. Hot hamburger poutine with spaghetti and meat sauce.

Place an order with Francois, Isabelle, Ritane, or Gilles Grenier and be charmed by their catering to a French clientele. Announcements for pick-ups are in French, then English.

A favorite dish is the traditional poutine, of course, with brown gravy and cheese curds, pictured above. For less than $6, it's certain to put meat on your bones, whether or not you need it.

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Dairy Belle

118 N. Federal Highway, Dania Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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