82. Nigiri From Gaysha New World Sushi

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82. Nigiri from Gaysha New World Sushi

Simplicity showcases the freshness of sushi. This was affirmed during an omakase tasting at Gaysha New World Sushi, the Wilton Manor slip. Rather than hunt and peck on the day's special board, allow chef Takeshi Kamioka to steer your meal. 

"I try to keep it simple here," said Kamioka, having learned from a stint at Nobu in Miami Beach and another on the line at Wolfgang Puck when it first opened. Kamioka was also schooled by his father, a sushi chef who was brought over from Japan to work at Benihana in the '70's, and eventually opened his own shops. 

On this night, a buttery yellowtail garnished with hot pepper shares a plate with savory egg, inari, and rich ahi with microgreens: one course of five in the night's sushi journey. 

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Location Info

Gaysha New World Sushi Bar

2223 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, Oakland Park, FL

Category: Restaurant

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