The "Living With Balls" Super Bowl Drinking Game And Other Links

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It's nearly time for winter's Thanksgiving, also known as The Super Bowl. If you haven't broken your New Year's resolution about healthy eating, it's a good day to do so. Some links to rev up the appetite, or something:

1. Check out these amazing Superbowl meat platters found from sister website, Westword: meat versions of gingerbread houses, except they're meat stadiums. 

2. Here are some disturbing stoner Super Bowl favorites like buffalo wing cupcakes

3. If you're mission is to get shitcan drunk, let Living With Balls guide your evening with this year's drinking game.

4. On the other hand, you can take Esquire's approach and drink like a man rather than a boy with these cocktails.

5. For the prisses among us: How many calories are in Super Bowl foods?

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