Starbucks Launches Augmented Reality Lovefest, BOGO Mochas Through Valentines Day

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From February 6-16, customers can download the Starbucks Cup Magic App, that allows them to send customized valentines and Starbucks e-gifts when a smart phone is positioned over the Starbucks Valentines Day cup.

The valentine on here is too hearts and flowers for me (I share an office mate's sentiments that the music makes her want to punch someone) --but the twitterverse under #everylove is strangely ecstatic. Perhaps because it's the company's first fore into augmented reality since the December holidays. The tech-friendly company also introduced the mobile payment app early last year.

Also part of the campaign are videos of customers' everylove story to make a sap cry. (This one about Dan who wears shorts during a Michigan winter to bring Starbucks to chemo patients might make you love him.) The company implores customers to share stories via twitter and instagram. And they are.

As for that free drink: If you grabbed a buy one get one card for Valentines Day at any shop, they're redeemable for a free hot chocolate or mocha through February 14.

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Untrue. There is no bogo deal sans coupon given out already. If you have one, you can get the bogo deal. But it's not just for walking in the door.

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