Rosie's Attitude Adjusters

"We've created an environment where everyone feels comfortable," says John Zieba of Rosie's, the restaurant of this week's review that he co-owns with Cliff Mulcahy. "We're where locals go on vacation."

While the most conservative Floridians might not choose Rosie's for its soundtrack, the explosion of color, and the kitsch, it is the kind of place that's hospitable to anyone who crosses the threshold. Every time I've gone solo, I'm sucked in to a stranger's crew. Patrons seem to take on the owners' hospitality.

Part of the schtick, of course, are the T-shirts, which display a variety of observations on the back. They're limited editions, retired when the owners suggest they've run their course.

After the jump, you'll find the sayings on Rosie's T-shirts as well as those retired. Any suggestions for new ones? If so, leave them in the comments. 

And be sure to order Rosie's bloody mary next time you visit for brunch. I'd agree with Zieba that they're quite hardy: breakfast in a glass.

Retired Rosie's Shirts
I'm a server not a shrink.
Livin' the dream.
Yes, I can hear you.
Yeah, I work here.
Attitude Adjuster
Hangover Helper
Drama Specialist
Mind Reader in Training

Current Slogans
Don't make me talk about you later.
The music is not too loud.
I'm not on the menu.
Don't feed the pigeons... really, don't!

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Location Info

Rosie's Bar and Grill

2449 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL

Category: Music

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