Kingshead Pub To Debut British-Themed Food Truck

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The Kingshead Mobile from -who else?- the folks behind The Kingshead Pub will feature two main dishes:  fish and chips, and bangers with chips doused in curry or Guinness gravy.

Beer battered haddock and hand-cut fries will run $10, bangers and fries, $5. The truck wrapped like a British double decker will also stock British potato crisps and sodas. Londoner Sarah Meneham, chef at the Sunrise pub on University Drive, will man the truck with restaurant owners Jeff Werth.

Werth confirmed they're putting the final touches on the green truck, which runs on fry-oil fuel. The first roll out will be February 25 at The Isle Casino in Pompano from 6 to 10 p.m. followed by Cypress Creek Roundup the evening of February 29. The truck is also slated for an all day event at Snyder Park on March 3 for the Scottish American Festival.

For your mobile fish and chips, keep tabs on the truck through their Twitter feed or Facebook.

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King's Head Pub and Restaurant

2692 N. University Drive, Plantation, FL

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