Dessert for Breakfast Helps Dieters Lose Weight, and Other Links

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Happy Monday! Read on for our occasional link roundup.

1) Eat carbs and throw in dessert to ensure cravings for sweets are squelched for the day, according to research at Tel Aviv University.

2) Martha Stewart says women should pay the bill on Valentines' Day. Click here to find out why, in an answer only she would give.

3)  Is nostalgia a disease? Perhaps nostalgia in the form of flavored vodkas can cause one, suggests Derek Brown, cocktalian who writes for the Atlantic.

4) Will singing your fast-food order, the February 2012 edition, squash the inane "shit people say"?

5) Delicious, delicious brains and dishes that look like them in Dead Eats: The Zombie Cookbook.

6.) February is Florida strawberry month, which may be more wonderful than dessert for breakfast.

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