Delray Beach Sweeps New Times' Food Town Throwdown

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Delray Beach has earned bragging rights. Dense with restaurants down Atlantic Avenue, the beachfront town has swept the votes for New Times' first Food Town Throwdown. At 1,766 votes, it trounced West Palm/Lake Worth in the final round.

From Sundy House and Dada all the way down to Boston's on the Beach, Delray and its range of restaurants clinched the win. A monied clientele continues to lure restaurateurs 20 years after Elwood's sparked the neighborhood revival. Just last month, Park Tavern debuted, a second restaurant from the folks behind Cut 432, seated just a few doors away. And the owners of the new Union: An Asian Gastrolounge considered Himmarshee in early stages, then defected to a neighborhood with more allure.

The final choices between Delray and West Palm/Lake Worth reinforce that we gravitate toward towns with a center. This New Urbanism is the building of communities that embrace historic preservation and are conducive to biking and walking. Delray's good eats are the spoils of progressive city planning. Congratulations to Delray Beach. And thank you for voting.

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Proud to live in Delray - and my waistline is showing it these days!


the problem with these "Best Of" polls is the amount of rebooting that goes on in them.....It would be legit if you could only vote 1 time per IP address but you basically get 1 or 2 people  casting thousands of votes each....Look at the voting disparities in the "Best of 2012" some unknowns have many hundreds of votes while stalwarts have none.

The incentive to cheat is there, who wouldn't want to be able to advertise that they were the best in sofla!?

ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

well deserved, but i wish some of these great Chef's and restaurant owners who jump from Miami to Delray and pass right over Fort Lauderdale would grace LasOlas Blvd with their estableshments, make Las Olas the new Atlantic Ave!!!

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