Coconuts and G&B Oyster Bar To Combine Menus Tonight

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Coconuts and its next door sibling, G&B Oyster Bar will be combine menus for the most part as of tonight's dinner service, confirms partner Merv Jonota.

All oysters shucked at G&B Oyster Bar are available at Coconuts, as are the small plates on the oyster bar menu. Larger entrees like the cioppino will remain available at the oyster bar only. Coconuts entire menu will be available at the G&B. Despite the restaurants' proximity, each will continue to maintain its own kitchen.

Coconuts and G&B Oyster Bar are a partnership between Elliot Wolfe, Luc Limage, and Jonota. Coconuts used to be a sibling to Mangos on Las Olas, when it dished out expensive, subpar food, like many restaurants on the ocean stretch. Five years ago, a Houston's company guy, Elliot Wolfe bought it, recruiting colleagues Merv Jonota and chef Luc Limage of the Miami branch to join him to run the place. G&B Oyster Bar opened last month.

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G&B Oyster Bar

429 Seabreeze Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Dr . Frieda
Dr . Frieda

How about some insight as to why? Why open a separate restaurant in an adjacent space and after 2 weeks combine the menu?


Particularly on the Coconuts side, people had been asking for a variety of oysters. If you've been, there's a fluidity between spaces that the move makes sense.

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