Chef Roy Villacrusis to Step in as Guest Chef for Supper Club in April

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Villacrusis will be the guest chef for the next Traveling Plate.
South Florida's newest supper club is already off to a fine start. The Traveling Plate held its first event Wednesday night and served 80 people at Allied Kitchen & Bath. It also -- and perhaps more importantly -- raised $2,500 for ARC Broward Culinary Institute.

And the next event is shaping up to be even more impressive.

On April 5, the Traveling Plate will set up in the Girls' Club Collection gallery in downtown Fort Lauderdale, a fairly amazing venue for a dinner club. The best part, though, is that award-winning Roy Villacrusis will be the guest chef for the night.

Villacrusis agreed this week to help craft the menu, prepare the meal, and be on hand
at the event. "I'll even help with the cleanup," Villacrusis joked (at least, we think he was joking).

Clean Plate Charlie is helping to sponsor the event by kicking in a bit of cash. Villacrusis is also contacting vendors to see if they'd donate ingredients.

The event is capped at just 30 spots. Check the Traveling Plate's Facebook page for updates to see when tickets are available.

Eric Barton is editor of New Times Broward-Palm Beach. Email him here, or click here to follow him on Facebook.

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Girls' Club Collection

117 NE Second St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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How much does this costs in average

food guy
food guy

wow---amazing.. the food was incredible and watching the student chefs along with the guest chef at the first one was heartwarming. The ARC Broward Culinary Chefs and their students are incredibly talented... I hear hey do amazing catering work for private parties, weddings, etc...


Dinner costs vary based upon the menu, etc. follow us on Facebook to get more details as they are announced. Thanks for your interest. - The Traveling Plate team

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