West Palm Beach to Be Renamed Trader Joe's?

Trader Joe's: Is cheap wine worth renaming a city over?
Trader Joe's, the quirky grocery chain that people love more than their pets and children, is expanding to the Sunshine State.

The Trader Joe's website lists Naples as the first Florida location for the chain that features Three Buck Chuck wine (yes, it sells for $3 a bottle, and no, it doesn't suck) and other healthy food items.

West Palm Beach officials, however, want Trader Joe's to come to their neck of the woods -- and it seems they'll do just about anything to get their way. Including renaming West Palm Beach. New name? Trader Joe's, Florida!

According to the Palm Beach Post, WPB Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell said she'd consider renaming the city -- but just for a day (whew)!

Apparently, everyone's jumping on the Trader Joe's bandwagon. The West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority plans to start a marketing campaign, asking people, "What would I trade for Trader Joe's?"

So we're asking -- what would you trade for Trader Joe's to come to West Palm Beach?  Personally, we'd trade almost anything for a case of $3 wine!

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Trader Joe's is absolutely the greatest and I would give ANYTHING....to have them come to Florida....everytime I am near one I ask them when are you coming to Florida?  Even though Ft Laud would be better since I am in Miami but hey..we must start somewhere....get Trader Joe's here!!!!


Maybe not more than my pet and child, but, I DO love the place! You have my blessing to do the one day name change.

The Agent University
The Agent University

I think Fort Lauderdale would be perfect...preferably within a few miles of my house.


No store is worthy of this. And Trader Joe's would never come to downtown WPB or anywhere in WPB for that matter. Boca or PBG maybe!

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