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"This taco shop claims to be the best taco in town," said a coworker when she gave me the heads up and Facebook link. It was lunch time, so I headed to a bleak stretch of State Road 84 to find it. Inevitably I got lost. So you won't, look for the American Legion on the left if you're heading toward 95. The truck is anchored next door.

The deal:  My company was a trio of Mexican guys who were nice enough to grab me an extra chair, some napkins, and super hot sauces at the table in front of the truck.

The mobile taqueria that's open seven days a week is dirt cheap and offers some hits and misses.
The hits: The $2.25 lengua taco is the stuff of dreams, especially with a douse of hot sauce. As the photo shows, there's not much to it: marinated beef, onions, cilantro, lime.  Carnitas are a close second, though I miss the crispy bits fried in lard. Horchada is fun, the summer-sweet delivery of winter baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

The misses: A coworker called the burrito a lead balloon when I brought a vegetarian back to the office. The Low Rider is pinto beans, cheese, and salsa for less than $4. It's fuel.

The walking taco in a Frito bag is like the Wednesday special in a school cafeteria: Fritos mix with beef, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, and shredded cheese. This delivery gets a lot of play lately, but it's more midwest meets Ortega, minus the hard shell.

Should you go? It's pretty solid street food, albeit on an exceptionally nonscenic street. If you're just in it for the meal, then, yes.

The details:
Tropical Taco
1620 State Road 84

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Tried the carnitas, beef and nachos... In my opinion these are the best dam tacos in South Florida...

Stefan Kamph
Stefan Kamph

SR 84 is one of Fort Lauderdale's most underrated streets.


nice, havent tried this one yet. taqueria dona raquel is still my go to-


Really? I'm intrigued. Better than Al Carbon? I like El Jefe's best still, but these are pretty terrific. I may have to circle back for some lengua this week.


There's a lot there as far as food. I just need prozac to drive down it. 

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