South Florida's Best Hot Dogs

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A hot dog may be the perfect beach lunch. And since the weather has been so lovely, you too may be craving one. Hot dogs are a dish that South Florida does well, as shown by the range of Broward and Palm Beach offerings, which Clean Plate Charlie has grouped by category. As usual, shout out what we've missed in the comments.

Colombian Dogs

Borojo in Hollywood
This spot is Hollywood's answer to the super perro, a hot dog blanketed with bacon, mozzarella cheese, crushed potato chips, pureed pineapple, onion, ketchup, and sour cream. How do you eat this thing without wearing it?

Los Perros in Lauderhill
Here, it's possible to minimize damage to your arteries caused by the perro and still get the savory-salty-sweet-fat interplay with variations on sriracha mayo, a variety of cheese, and veggie chips in place of potato chips.

La Perrada del Gordo in West Palm
Writer Nicole Danna wrote about the 'dog that translates to The Fat Bitch that's so big it'll trounce you. The steamed dog starts with melted mozzarella, garlic mayo, pink sauce, mustard, ketchup, diced bacon, crushed potato chips, and pineapple relish, which is plenty. But then it's topped with QUAIL EGGS for garnish. It's a decadent feast and a downright obscenity. La Perrada del Gordo is open until 5 a.m. Thursdays, 6 a.m. weekends.

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New York Dogs

Yankee Dogs in West Palm
Owner John Drummer flies these smoked beef and pork dogs in from Weber's of Buffalo, along with the mustards and relish. Stick with the signature: a dog topped with chili, onions, mustard, and feta -- or make your own concoction.

Hot Diggity Dogs in Fort Lauderdale
Though Chicago-style dogs and breakfast sandwiches are assembled in this slip of a kitchen, go for the Sabrett all-beef dogs dressed in spicy red onion sauce, mustard, and sauerkraut at this old-school lunch spot open until 4:30 p.m.

Chicago Dogs

Hot Dog Heaven in Fort Lauderdale
This more than 30-year-old hot dog stand offers some of the most satiating Chicago-style dogs and sausages in the land. Owned by former Chicagoan Barry Star, Hot Dog Heaven serves a classic Windy City-style dog on a poppy bun, topped with mustard, neon relish, onions, pickles, hot peppers, tomatoes, and a dash of celery salt. Order one with a giant pickle, uncut if you dare.

Hotdog-opolis in Boca Raton
Vienna beef, Chicago-style dogs are "dragged through the garden" with mustard, onion, emerald green relish, dill pickle, tomato wedges, sport pepper, and a sprinkling of celery salt.

Mikey's Hot Dogs in Boca Raton and Lauderhill
Order a straight-up Chicago dog or defect to the half-smoke with chili and cheese, both of which are supercheap at the newcomer of the list.

The Wild Card

 Big City Dog in Fort Lauderdale and Davie
 Big City offers New York- and Chicago-style dogs that have earned accolades, but the winning frank is the dubiously named New Jersey Ripper, a bacon-wrapped, deep-fried dog drenched in Velveeta.

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Is Big city Dogs on Commercial Blvd still open?  Nobody answers the phone there anymore. 


It's still tube steak in a bun and any made with anything but either Nathan's natural or Vienna sausage is merely cylindrical meat of very doubtful provenance (usually tits, vulvae, wieners, eyeballs, ears and spleens).  It doesn't matter how mystery meat is cooked, sauced or bunned, it is always inedible.

ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

my vote would be for the Chicago Dog offered for lunch only at Tap 42, it is delicious!!!!!!!!

Eric Barton
Eric Barton

That is a pretty good one, Ted. I had it the other day, and my only two complaints: It's so big that it's nearly impossible to take a bite. And the peppers aren't right -- if it's a Chicago dog, it has to be sport peppers.

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