Chef Shuffle: PL8 Loses Whitestone, Hires Christy as Executive Chef

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Chef Brandon Whitestone has been replaced by Joel Christy at PL8, the restaurant formerly known as Himmarshee Bar & Grille owned by Dave Nicholas. Christy has served stints at Louie Louie and Max's Grill.
PL8 is no stranger to change, having transformed from Himmarshee Bar and Grille in September. Former executive chef of Chef Allen's in Aventura, Whitestone had been hired by Nicholas in May as part of his plans to overhaul PL8 from a neighborhood place to a chef-driven small-plates concept.

The chef swap occurred the end of last month. With Christy off today and Nicholas in this afternoon, we'll report in the coming day on the hows and whys of the change as well as what's next.

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210 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Fat Hand
Fat Hand

Hope they change the menu up. This used to be a great restaurant but now it's basically just another place to get sliders and pizza. I can't find anything to order there, and I try.


why not mention his most current employment at Bluepoint? Too much like the Red Lobster?


I saw he was there, too. Wanted to talk to Nichols and Christy live to find out when (and if) he left, what prompted the shuffle, whether Christy is permanent or temporary, whether the menu will change, etc. I'll update as I learn it.

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