Paula Deen Eats a Burger: Get Yours Here

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Paula Deen eats a can too!
Paula Deen might have thought she would be able to enjoy a nice, relaxing week on the Deen Friends and Family cruise she's currently on. But you can't really get away from cameras -- even at sea -- as evidenced by the video we found on Huffington Post Food of Paula eating a cheeseburger.

Now, we think filming Deen on a cruise ship is a tad bit mean. You know the phrase "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"? 

Well, the same could be said of cruise ships, only it would go more like, "I'm on a boat, and I'm going to eat seven-course meals every night, raid the buffet like I was just rescued from some deserted island, and we'll never speak of this behavior once we set foot on dry land."

Truthfully, watching Paula eat her burger with so much gusto and relish (not to mention ketchup and onions) makes us hungry for one ourselves. With that in mind, here's a list of our favorite places to grab one. Bon appetit, y'all!
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Charm City Burgers
What do you get when you mix quality ingredients with cheap prices? Charm City Burgers is what you get. We suggest the Good Old Burger ($5.25), a classic with American cheese. So good, it won best burger at last week's JA World Uncorked event.

Georgie's Alibi
The Alibi's Champ Burger wins so many awards, it should be renamed Titanic (which won 11 Academy Awards -- get it?)... For $10.50, it's the burger that won prizes in the past two Riverwalk Burger Battles.

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Hormone-free grass-fed beef served Jersey-shore style on the beach is BurgerFi's claim to fame. Start with a classic cheeseburger ($5.95) and add onion rings the size of a Chihuahua and a stick-to-your-ribs concrete before heading to the beach (bring your coverup to hide your bloated yet sated tummy).

Here, by the way, is Paula eating a burger:

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