Marando Farms Opens Bakery and Smoothie Café

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Marando Farms has expanded its general store to include a bakery and a juice bar. 
​"We just decided to expand a couple of weeks ago," said an employee. The farm is awaiting permits for the juice and smoothie bar café, which they're hoping to have up and running in the next two weeks. 

Chelsea and Fred Marando opened the farm two years ago with the intention of serving as a Fort Lauderdale hub of locally grown, organic produce. In addition to offering an array of produce grown on-site, the farm offers a market and a CSA stocked with fruits and vegetables from within a 130-mile radius. Inside the general store, the Marandos sell locally roasted coffee from Oceana, preserves, and spices. 

The farm has always offered beautiful pumpernickels, marbled rye, nutty breads, and olive rosemary loaves. Now, it's making its own bread.

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i love this place, but the real question is, where did the cute piggies go that were there in the beginning? i love bacon but i sure hope that isn't what became of them.


The pigs are stiil here

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