Have You Ever Picklebacked?

Picklebacking. No, it's not some sex position... it's a drink.
On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Rachel Maddow introduced him to a new discovery of hers -- the pickleback. Maddow explained that the drink -- part whiskey, part pickle juice -- is a shot that cures what ails ya.

She's not crazy -- she's got a point! As an ultra marathon runner and past running coach, stories circulated about how pickle juice is a great cure for muscle cramping. Nutty?

Vanderbilt University published an entire study on the subject, naming many football coaches that swear by pickle juice.The conclusion is that muscle cramping is caused by an electrolyte deficiency, which is what results when you sweat too much. The lack of salt in your body causes muscles to cramp up. Drinking anything to replenish those electrolytes reduces cramping. That includes Gatorade and pickle juice!

Since I've already tried Gatorade and vodka and didn't think too highly of it, I'm heading out for a pickleback. Served either as a mixed shot (one part of each), or served separately (drink the whiskey, chase with a shot of pickle juice), I'm going for it when I get back from running the Disney Marathon this weekend.

Want to try one after a run or workout? Tap 42 makes them. Prices vary, according to the whiskey you choose (the pickle juice is on the house).  Here's Rachel Maddow and Jimmy Fallon downing some, by the way:

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They're my go-to shot. Chase it with brine, don't mix it.

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