Girl Scout Cookie Season Nears: There's an App (and a New Cookie)

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Girl Scouts via Facebook
Girl Scouts: Entrepreneur or cookie hustler?
Q: What's green and tries to take all your money by being cute? 

A: The Geico Gecko Girl Scouts during cookie-selling season!

January 12 is the official start of Girl Scout cookie season in South Florida, which means you won't be able to set foot into a mall or supermarket without being hustled into buying a box of overpriced sugar and white flour by a group of little girls dressed like leprechauns.

Besides the regular cast of cookie characters like Thin Mints, Do-si-Do's, Tagalongs, Samoas, and Trefoils, the Girl Scouts are introducing a new cookie to celebrate their upcoming centennial. Savannah Smiles are a lemon wedge cookie with a powdered-sugar coating and are named after Savannah, the home of founder Juliette Gordon Low, who in 1912 founded the Girl Guides, which eventually became the Girl Scouts. 

According to Girl Scouts, "approximately 70% of the proceeds stays in the local Girl Scout council to provide a portion of the resources needed to support Girl Scouting in that area, including the portion that goes directly to the group selling the cookies. The balance goes directly to the baker to pay for the cookies," so the money you spend on cookies stays in South Florida.

Right now, you can't buy Girl Scout cookies online; you can buy them in person only from a tiny person in a uniform. To find where cookies are being sold, download the free Girl Scouts Cookie Finder app, which allows you to locate each and every bridge table in front of every Publix... and Home Depot... and Target. Here's a video explaining how every time you buy a box of cookies, you're making the world a little better (cue the rainbows and unicorns):

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