Vintage Cookbooks, Magic Thermometers, and Other Gifts for Foodies

This vintage number looks Picasso inspired.

The holidays are here. It's time to impress your friends with your thoughtful taste in gifts. To show your foodie friends how much you "get them," here are some of my favorite food finds in the world of cooking, grilling, and being a culinary nerd.

cuisinart stick blender.jpeg
A stick blender makes everything easier. Your foodie friends will dig this.
Immersion Blender
These are the jack-of-all-trade gadgets to have. This handheld blender can chop, blend, and emulsify in bowls or pots on the stove to make sauces, dips, marinades, or even blend cake batter. A good one can be had for $29.95 at
tap salt and pepper shakers.jpg
Tap Salt and Pepper Mills- perfect hostess gift and only $20 for the pair.

Water Tap-Shaped Salt and Pepper Mills
These salt and pepper mills just look cool on the table and make a great host or hostess gift or random gift for a Christmas gift exchange. Get them for $20 for the pair at Target

All the cool kids have a Thermapen, and you should too.
The Thermapen
An instant-read waterproof internal temp thermometer is what all the professionals and competition barbecue cooks use. They sell the Thermapen in lots of colors including "British racing green." Buy one for $89.99 at

vintage grilling cookbook.jpg
photo from
Vintage Cookbooks
Vintage cookbooks, which are usually inexpensive, give funny insight into the history of a cooking style.I bought a vintage Betty Crocker "Grilling and Outdoor Cooking" cookbook that is an absolute gem in my cookbook collection. Books can be found from starting from $10.00 at

cast iron grill grates.jpg
photo from
Cast Iron Grill Grates are a perfect gift for the griller in your life.
Cast Iron Grill Grates
For the griller in your life, interchangeable grilling compartments cook evenly and can be removed to maintain the fire. Griddle and vegetable inserts can be interchanged for different food types. Prices start at $69.99 for kettle grills at

meatgrinder attachment for kitchenaid.jpg
Meat grinder attachment- make your own sausage and grind your own meat for burgers.
Meat Grinder Mixer Attachment
If you know someone who likes to make their own sausage or grind meat to put in their burgers, then this is the gift for them. Find one for $39.95 at

Grandwestern porterhouse steaks.jpg
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Prime beef delivered to your door- a great gift to get for the Holidays.
The Gift of Gourmet Meat
Fort Lauderdale's own Grand Western Steaks, purveyors of fine, high-end restaurant quality meat, have started a home delivery division. Now, prime porterhouse steaks can be delivered to you boss or best friend's front door before Christmas. Their dry-aged New York strips won't disappoint either. Order at

Bourbon Barrel Smoked spices.jpg
Spices smoked in sea salt- a great stocking stuffer for the foodies in your life.
Bourbon Barrel-Smoked Spices
Add smoky flavor to all your favorite dishes. There's also make microbrewed soy sauce and worchestershire sauce with locally grown Kentucky soybeans. Spice tins start at $7.50.
Hot Sauce for a good cause- the proceeds benefit local animal shelters in South Florida.
Dog Gone Hot Sauce
Proceeds for this Fort Myers-brewed hot sauce benefit local animal shelters. Flavors include chipotle, pineapple honey, and barbecue. Order at

beer opening sunglasses.gif
Sunglasses that double as a beer bottle opener- great for the tailgaters and beer drinkers in your life.
Brewsees Sunglasses
Each pair is built with an installed bottle opener and is perfect for tailgating or sporting events or heavy beer drinking in general. Comes with beer coozy/sunglass holder. Sunglasses are $39.99 and can be ordered at

Robyn Lindars is a local South Florida blogger is our resident Grilling addict. Find her musing on grilling and food at

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