Trim the Tree With Food? Ten of the Weirdest Christmas Ornaments We've Seen

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holiday taco ornament.jpg
A Christmas Taco? Beats another freaking angel.
We admit we've been lazy and haven't decorated the tree yet. It's just sitting there all barren and green.

In our defense, we've been looking for some really interesting ornaments to adorn it with. We're sick of the usual reindeer, snowmen, and angels. Luckily we found some decorations to our liking -- which means they're pretty darned weird. 

So we're sharing the ten weirdest food-related Christmas ornaments we've found. Bon appetit!
Thumbnail image for holiday pizza ornament.jpg
10. Pizza
Just look at the lifelike pepperoni on this slice of heaven.

holiday burger and fries.jpg
9. Burger and fries
Why leave Santa milk and cookies when you can leave him a value meal?

holiday bagel.jpg
8. Bagel
Here's a little something to trim the Hanukkah bush with!

holiday diet coke.jpg
7. Diet Coke
Uhh... Santa? You really could stand to lose a few pounds, so we got you a no-cal cola and a few carrot sticks. Enjoy.

holiday pretzel beer.jpg
6.  Pretzel, beer, and chips
Here's what happens when you let a NASCAR fan decorate the tree.

holidy sushi.jpg
5. Sushi
Yes, it's a little strange.. but still better than a Hello Kitty ornament!

holiday cheese ornaments.jpg
4. Brie and parmigiano
How much do you have to love cheese to hang it from the tree, anyway?

holiday wine in a box.jpg
3. Box o' Wine
Really? Because the made-in-Japan plastic wine bottle ornament was too classy for ya?

holiday santas drunk.jpg
2. Santa's Drunk
Santa's been out drinking with Blitzen again.

holiday pot.jpg
1. Pot
The reason behind all these delicious munchie ornaments.

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