The Chew Cast Makes Christmas Ornaments and Ball Jokes (Video)

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Mario Batali wears a funny sweater on The Chew.
Here's our conundrum for the day. When Clinton Kelly shows the cast of The Chew (and us) how to make handcrafted Christmas ornaments, we thought, "How clever -- this is just like Martha Stewart."

Then we realized that chef Mario Batali was making ornaments alongside Clinton, Daphne Oz, and Carla Hall, and we got sad. Really sad. Is there something about Mario we don't know? We're thinking a possible Croc-wearing addiction in which he's squandered his entire restaurant empire on plastic clogs in cheerful colors. 

Or a blackmail attempt. The Chew's producers might have incriminating photos of Batali ordering in from Pizza Hut or Sbarro's. If they leaked out, that's the end of his career, for sure.

We can't help wondering why on Earth there would be a reason Batali would actually want to make Christmas ornaments and crack ball jokes. Sigh. Yes, ball jokes. Lots of them.

Here's your weekly dose of The Chew humiliation:

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I love your show watch it daily.There is one thing that bothers me. I care not what sexual orientation anyone is but I hate having it shoved down my throat. Back it off a little Clinton!


Great show , we love it great cast ha ha ha for one hour and great food billgillespie from sandeigo ca.

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