Burn, Baby, Burn: Why Doctors Hate Instant Soup

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​Drinking from styrofoam cups is usually the cause of my coffee tsunami, a weekly tidal spill down my shirt and across my desk. No burns here, but that's likely because it's liquid alone, as opposed to sticky noodles, which are causing burns across the country.

The information comes from today's Planet Money, which reports that many hospitals see burns from instant noodle soup as often as two and up to five times a week, according to hospitals from California to Washington. 

A design flaw --
tall, lightweight styrofoam with an unstable base -- is what causes kids in particular to tip the cup onto themselves, though the stickiness of noodles to skin does follow-up damage.

A Northern California doctor, David Greenhalgh, conducted a study to find that Cup Noodles is the most tipsy design. He suggests inverting the shape, like Yoplait's container, for a more stable and less dangerous snack.

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Somehow people in Japan don't have this issue....one big factor may be that in Japanese households there is usually a hot water dispenser like one linked below at much lower level than typicalmicrowave inUSA so kids don't have to reach or use chair to make own snack.


BTW, just wondering here... I know this publication talked very highly of you prior to your arrival to our sunny shores, but have you managed to write anything original yet? So far, it all seems to be troll and reword.

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