Dicey Rileys and Blue Anchor Pub: IT'S WTF YOU SHOULD GO FOR DRINKS

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If you've laced the word fuck throughout your lexicon, chances are you'll find variations of fuck-roulette endlessly amusing, as opposed to chat-roulette, which bored the hell out of us once it became clear that 75% of the time it's creepy dude with a mask on and his hand down his pants.

Thanks to Eater.com for steering us to the newest drink-focused, fuck-roulette site,
wherethefuckshouldigofordrinks.com that's all Owen Meany at the onset: "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?" and "WAIT THE FUCK UP."

Once you type your location, chances are you'll get suggestions for some music venue, though we did land on Dicey Riley's for a Fort Lauderdale rec and Blue Anchor Pub in Delray. Should you find these insults too generic, steer yourself to the twitter feed for a personalized tweet on how you can fuck yourself.

The site is inspired by the cookbook, What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner?. On the website, our first go-round offers a standby recipe for mamma-approved spaghetti and meatballs, as well as sage advice for life: DON'T FUCK UP SOME FUCKING.

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Blue Anchor Pub

804 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL

Category: Music

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