Best Lunches in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is no slouch when it comes to street food, with plenty of options like The Whole Enchilada, My Market, Primanti's, and of course, LaSpada's. Yet when it comes to a sit-down midday meal that offers more than sandwich shop, the question remains: "Where should we go for lunch?" It is perhaps the question I'm most often asked since I've moved here. After the jump, behold: the lunch list. Consider the options and stake a spot for tomorrow.

1. The Downtowner: For the crowd
A divey bar close to the courthouse (and jail) offers solid sandwiches, great people watching, and riverside seats. If it's liquid lunch you're looking for, this is your spot, with daily beer specials and one of the best Guinness pours in town.

2. Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House: For the eggs
There's an array of items to seduce your palate at the cheerful stop on Himmarshee that serves breakfast and lunch until 3 p.m. every day. Though fish stew and pancakes are delightful (and filling), farm fresh eggs on a BLT is as delightful as anything on the menu. The quality of ingredients here elevates dishes from stick to your ribs to damn near elegant.

3. Gran Forno Pronto: For the bread

The people, the menu, the setting, and the price point hit a sweet spot for lunch in particular. Behind the counter sits a beautiful crusty loaf several feet long, stacked with Italian meats, provolone, and arugula. It's tough to order wrong here, especially when it comes to pizza and bread, though a favorite is the meatballs. Milk and bread crumbs from the area's most heavenly bakery ensure that they're light and nearly pillowy. Doused with red sauce and a healthy heap of Parmesan, they're among the most delicious in town.

4. Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza: For Neapolitan pizza

Stick to the traditional Margherita Napolitana at Luigi's, likely made by DiMeo himself. Pair it with a glass of wine, a selection curated by DiMeo's wife, who's also the wine buyer at Whole Foods.

5. East End Brasserie: For the view
Three courses are $18 at this newly opened spot in The Atlantic Hotel. Start with the ginger, a cocktail with Domaine de Canton, pineapple, brandy, and candied root and be save room for a feast. A seat on deck is ideal, as it's across the way from the Atlantic.

6. Eleventh Street Annex: For the charm
In a nod to childhood nicknames, owners Jonny Altobell and Penny Sanfilippo who refer to themselves as the Ugly Sisters riff on a sense of humor that pervades the spirit of the place. A chalkboard lists the day's five features, which include homemade soup, a rotation of sandwiches, and variations on mac and cheese. A plus for picky eaters: The sisters accommodate vegan and vegetarians as well as food allergies, so be sure to give a heads-up.

7. Coconuts: For your dog

The seafood-heavy menu is slightly fancier than at your average shore side snack shack so you'll see more locals as well as polo-shirted yacht captains than thong bikinis here. What you'll also see: plenty of pups, since the outside deck is dog friendly. Listen for the specials before ordering. It's a laundry list, but usually features more creative dishes than the menu offers.

8. El Guanaco: For cheap eats
Whether it's quesadillas, pupusas, or tacos you crave, this Salvadoran mom and pop shop has got you covered. Owner Christina Ardon will help you navigate the menu should you need it, as well as accommodate special orders like the breakfast taco.

9. Charcuterie Too! For the specials
Lunch at this cafeteria on the second floor of the main library won't set you back more than $10, but check out the signature specials before heading over. New Times sings about its curry, as well as the oatmeal cookies, giving it the 2011 award for best place to eat lunch daily.

10. Tom Jenkins: For the character
Smoky ribs, pulled pork, and chicken hit the mark here, having earned a handful awards in our area not known for 'cue. Yet it's the character that draws regulars. Housed in a log cabin off South Federal, you'll often find yourself in line waiting for meat dressed in a molasses and honey spiked sauce. Not a meat eater? Collards, mac and cheese, or a Mississippi style catfish sandwich should do the trick. Or go straight for dessert, like a slice of sweet potato pie.

What have we missed? Shout out favorites places and dishes in the comments.

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How on earth did the Whole Enchilada even get mentioned. That place is horrible.


Incompetence is pervasive.


Mason Jar on US1 & Oakland has a great lunch. Nice shout outs to Charcuterie Too & 11th Street Annex. Also, in the parking garage next to the library there is a fabulous sandwich shop and a good old fashioned filthy dirty diner.

ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

great list, you really gave a wide variety to choose from Mellisa, but if you ask me, with the daily, fresh, healthy, choices from The O.B. House , they are my favorite!! What a great article for everone to have fun with!!

Eric Barton
Eric Barton

I've been to Whole Enchilada many, many times and never had anything bad. @c96abf5ac2a6b4ecc7731e5669433815:disqus , I'd urge you to try it again. @0690446c9897fed49ec8a1185f7349b2:disqus,what's your point exactly?

Ted, biased or not, I agree. OB House is probably my new favorite spot for lunch.

And I'll add one more to the list: Bravo Gourmet Sandwiches in Wilton Manors. It's the best Peruvian sandwiches around.

Harold Blaines
Harold Blaines

So you still work there Ted? Seems a bit biased.

ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

yes it is biased, because i see 1st hand the lengths we go thru for only the freshesh, highest quality ingrediants for our customers, and in the cleanest kitchen you will ever see!!!

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