WIN a $10 Publix Gift Card (Thanks, National Deli!)

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Yesterday we told you about how local landmark Jaxson's Ice Cream is turning 55 years old this Saturday -- and having a hot-dog-eating contest to celebrate.

Well, National Deli hot dogs is sponsoring the contest -- the company is providing one-pound, 18-inch dogs for the contest, PLUS donating all the proceeds from hot dogs sales and a raffle and auction at Saturday's event to the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital.

National Deli must be suffering from a serious case of Givestuffaway-Itis because it has

ALSO given us one $10 Publix gift card to give away to a dear Clean Plate Charlie reader.  (Feel free to buy National Deli products with that card!)

To enter to win, answer these two questions in the comments field below.

(IMPORTANT: Please use a real e-mail address when you log in, or post one with the comment, so that we can contact the winner!  [the weiner?!]) 

1) What is the name of National Deli's mascot? (Hint: we told you yesterday)

2) Why did the hot dog cross the road?

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Jackie Pelky
Jackie Pelky

1- Nat Deliman  2-To ketchup with the mustardemail address


1. Nat Dellyman

2. To ketchup with the mustard

Clean Plate Charlie
Clean Plate Charlie

Congrats, you're our winner! Look out for an email from our web editor for instructions on hope to get your prize.


Wow that was a fast giveaway.  I just found out about it =) congrats to the weiner! =)

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