Top Chef: Mutherf**king Snakes on Some Mutherf**king Plates

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Snakes on a mutherf**king plate. Tonight on Top Chef.
Can we love Padma Lakshmi more than we do today? It seems mutherf**king unlikely.

We just got wind of the totally awesome preview for tonight's episode of Top Chef. With the cheftestants finally chosen after two throwaway episodes, the fun begins.

The cheftestants' first quickfire challenge? The chicken of Texas - rattlesnake. Live rattlesnake, by the looks of it.

Before the cheftestants can really dig into their squirming, biting, angry, venomous proteins, Padma cracks a Samuel L. Jackson joke: "When time's up I better see some mutherf**king snakes on some mutherf**king plates". We are in love!

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