Tap 42: A Sneak Preview of the Restaurant to Open November 16

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Mark your calendars, beer lovers. Tap 42 will open for business on November 16: the beer, bourbon, and burger bar conceived by Sean and Blaise McMackin. Residents for 28 years, the brothers had wondered why Lauderdale was missing a beer bar with attention to design for which parking and the crowds isn't an issue, so they decided to open a place themselves. "There's nothing else like it here," said Blaise, whose travels and time spent in Austin in particular helped shape the interior.

"I've been a bear for the designers I'd hired," he said, ultimately deciding to go his own way to carve out the interior himself. After the jump, a Tap 42 walk-through.
​In the far corner of the restaurant, an artist sketched a mockup of a beer tree that illuminates each beer's origin as a lager or an ale. The sign is from a West Texas artisan who collects and refurbishes them. "He drove it over here all the way from Texas," said Blaine.

The McMackins used 15,000 pennies for the backsplash behind the 42 taps. They'll also have eight liquor taps for bourbon and other types of booze.

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Tap 42

1411 S. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Tap 42

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