Steak 954's Philly Cheese Steak and Regional Sandwich Porn

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Steak 954 newest lunch kicks off today's list of regional sandwiches and where to get them around here. Read on for the day's sandwich porn.

Philly Cheese Steak at Steak 954

The ultimate guilty pleasure sandwich, this decadence is served by chef Jason Smith in a nod to Philly native and restaurateur Stephen Starr of  Steak 954. Made with five ounces of shaved rib-eye, caramelized onions, green peppers, thyme, and American cheese, the sandwich recently made its lunch debut and only costs $.9.54.

Chicago Dog at Hot Dog Heaven
A steamed poppy bun, neon relish, celery salt, mustard, onions, pickle spears, pickled peppers, and tomato slices marry a Vienna hot dog at Hot Dog Heaven. Between this deliciosity for $3.29, a Polish or Italian sausage on crusty bread, or the Chicago beef sandwich, it's tough to stick to one thing here. Usually I order for two, prompting stares, finger points, and old-man, eye-roll commentary along the lines of, "Where ya gonna put all those sandwiches?"


Roast Pork Po' Boy at Shuck-N-Dive

A delicious sandwich to pair with a football game, the roast pork po'boy with roasted onions and cheese at Shuck-N-Dive makes for delicious eating on a Sunday afternoon. Take note: the sandwich is a special, on the menu according to the chef's whim. Solid substitutions are the gator loaf sandwich and the muffuletta, of course.


Lobster Roll at Linda Bean's Perfect Maine Lobster Roll
The Delray location of Linda Bean's Perfect Maine Lobster Roll serves a toasted, buttered bun, slathered with Miracle Whip based herb dressing, topped with claw and knuckle meat. The sandwiches come in three sizes: a quarter pound regular sandwich for $15.95, the 1/8 pound junior for $7.95 and the 1/2 pound colossal for $22.95. Bean owns her own docks and lobster fleet, eliminating middle man distributors.


The Primanti Sandwich at Primanti Brothers

When the entire country knows a sandwich named after the Primanti Brothers' Pittsburgh-based chain, it has to make the best regional sandwiches list. Italian bread, vinegar-based slaw, tomatoes, provolone, french fries, and a choice of grilled meat sets you back about $6.50.

What'd I miss? Where to get the best pulled pork, Mississippi catfish and other various regional meats on a roll?

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