Skydiving With Anthony Bourdain? You Can for Ten Grand

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Laine Doss
Tony Bourdain can be yours -- if the price is right!
I found what I want Santa to bring me for Christmas -- skydiving with Anthony Bourdain, followed by burgers and beer.

Gilt City has just announced the craziest offering that we've ever seen -- an opportunity to go tandem skydiving with the No Reservations host.

One lucky person (the first one to pony up the ten grand) will be whisked off to the Poconos from Manhattan so he can throw himself out of a perfectly good airplane alongside Anthony Bourdain!

Afterward, Tony would take me (or the lucky bastard who accepts this $10,000 challenge) for beers and burgers at Hiram's Roadhouse in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The best thing about this is that 100 percent of the net proceeds will benefit the Food Bank for New York City.

Santa, if you're out there, forget about the trip to St. Lucia or the new puppy. I want to jump out of an airplane with Tony Bourdain! Just please don't let Paula Deen anywhere near the parachutes.

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