Paula Deen Flirts With Mario Lopez, Disses Anthony Bourdain

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Paula Deen flirts with Mario Lopez.
Did Paula Deen show up drunk to film a recent Extra segment with Mario Lopez? We're not ones to spread rumors, but the queen of butter was acting supercrazy and frisky while taping a recent show segment.

We're not even sure if she was plugging a book or just wanted to give her would-be boy toy some chocolate puddles ("What?" says Lopez. "Chocolate puddles," says Deen, as she totally and completely undresses him with her crazy eyes).

This footage is both unbearably embarrassing and amazing to watch -- the kind of video that makes you feel both good and dirty.

Deen talks about her Ooey Gooey Butter Layer Cake (all the while thinking of lathering Lopez with butter), reveals that she thinks her two boys are sexy (ewwww), and gives Anthony Bourdain a final kick in the nuts for old time's sake: "This is coming from a man that eats unwashed anuses from wildebeests, so ask me how seriously I take his complaints."

When is trash not trash? When it's pure television gold. Watch here:

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Chocolate Gifts
Chocolate Gifts

Well all I can say is I would probably be drunk if I had to give someone chocolate puddles on TV. Very funny lol


what're you talking about ? Lopez was the flirty one. I'm not a big Deen fan, but... the video did not delivery what you promised.

Laine Doss
Laine Doss

Oh no, Butter...She was totally flirting with Lopez!!!

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