New Times Beerfest: What Did You Think?

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Christina Mendenhall
A few hours after nursing our hangovers, we're just now venturing out to watch football, grab grease, and maybe go see some music after last night's bender.

Some favorite beers from the fest were the Brooklyn Saison and the Shipyard Blue Fin Stout, a write-in candidate that won me over. Seems everyone else liked them too, with tents racking up lines that killed up to ten minutes to wait for a pour. By the night's end, pounding Mike's Hard Lemonade paired with Swisher Sweets was perfectly acceptable. Some folks who came late remarked that watching drunks stagger and sway was well worth the (discounted) price of admission.

For your Sunday perusal, we bring you some weekend photos from the event. In the meantime, tell us your favorite beer, tales from the fest, or anything else you'd like to share about last night in the comments. Don't forget to check out the slideshow here.
As one judge noted, "This is a beer event, not necessarily a craft beer event." I hit this tent just to check out her ink. And after 10 craft brews, a watered down beer like a PBR can be a blessing.

Did you have a chance to grab something to eat last night?


Or maybe you didn't.
Tune in tomorrow for announcements on the winning beers.

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Best party of the year! There was so much great food and music--and of course, the beer was amazing. I loved the Misfits booth and the watermelon lager and the peanut butter porter. Amazing. Thanks for putting together such a fabulous event. I agree with Ted--you should have Beerfest twice a year!

Polliter, M
Polliter, M

I loved this event, as for food, the VIP section had plenty of FREE food samples. I loved every bit of it and this is STILL my favorite event every year! Thanks New Times!

Chris Palkovich
Chris Palkovich

i attended at least 3 to 4 beer fests that were sponsored by the now no longer existent 93 rock radio station and i enjoyed them all, However this being the first time i ever attended a Newtimes sponsored BeerFest, i was very disappointed with not only the over priced tickets but also the fact that they didnt even include foods to sample with your beer chugging.  all i seen were over priced sub par snack foods.... 

Someone in my group purchased 2 hot dogs and some fries and that came out to a whooping $22 dollars.... Come on NewTimes  i think next time you need to rethink how you set this up and include foods that free.....   .

ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

WHAT A GREAT EVENT, thankyou New Times, once again an amazing job, in my opinion on the events in Fort Laudy Daudy Dale, i put #1 as Las Olas Food & Wine Fest, and#2 THE NEW TIMES BEER FEST!!! a well thought out, planned party in downtown , my only regret===PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN TWICE A YEAR!!!! great job to all planners, and great job to all of us who had a BLAST!!!! and to my suprise, seeing Eric and Jill Barton at The O.B. House for breakfast sun am (thee best place for breakfast, a real happening spot) was a suprise, THANK YOU NEW TIMES!!!

Chris Palkovich
Chris Palkovich

not all of us wanted to spend $80 bucks for a VIP that included free food, considering EVERY OTHER beer fest the food comes with a general admission for $20 to $25 bucks 

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