Herman Cain Pizza Party, McDonald's Price Hikes, and Other Foodish Links

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Eclectic food news from around the internets.

Presidential contender Herman Cain told GQ that veggies are for sissies: "A manly man don't want it piled high with vegetables! He would call that a sissy pizza." Read more about sissy pizzas here.

On the other hand, New York Times' Sam Sifton swoons over veggies in lasagna served as wedding fare. "But man, those mushrooms," he says. Read on for a "gooey thrill."

After the jump, like everything else, the price of McDonald's and Starbucks keep on climbing.

The price of fuel and ingredients have prompted McDonald's and Starbucks to raise prices. What's surprising is no one's protesting.

Now that Black Friday has ushered in my least favorite season of holiday shopping, Brett Martin suggests something to take the edge off: shopping drunk. "It works for much the same reason alcohol helps facilitate sex: Both benefit from an enhanced, expansive sense of what your body is capable of....Thankfully, clothes --unlike venereal diseases-- can be returned."

The end is near: The death of food trucks, according to Crain's, the result of stiff competition and parking rules that tax food truck profits.

If you still read words on paper, pick up the December issue of Saveur. The magazine features soulful stories from Italian American families from New Orleans to New York. The articles, unfortunately, aren't online.

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