Marando Farms Grows Porny Produce

Melissa McCart
Chelsea and Fred Marando opened Marando Farms two years ago with the intention of serving as a Fort Lauderdale hub of locally grown, organic produce. I'm smitten with the charm of the place, from the potted gardens to the chicken coop to the boiled peanuts to the visual feast of in-season fruits and vegetables. Inside the general store, the Marandos sell locally roasted coffee from Oceana, preserves, and spices. Don't miss the beautiful pumpernickels, marbled rye, nutty breads, and olive rosemary loaves by the register.

When I'm stricken with the need to cook, I tend to plan around what's in season, which is why I like the idea of Marando Farms' CSA. All fruits and vegetables are provided by local farmers within a 160-mile radius and include items grown on-site. We're in week two of a 20-week season, which costs $500 for a half share ($25 a week) and $900 for a full share ($45 a week). After the jump, a peek at this week's stash as well as some porny vegetables that may inspire you to swing over this afternoon. 

Melissa McCart
At least a week's worth of produce here, though folks should have the option of pulling bundled herbs from water so they're not so taxed.
Melissa McCart
Beautiful dinosaur kale goes for $3.49 a bundle.
Melissa McCart
Melissa McCart
With the popularity of Southern staples as of late, you can find boiled peanuts at farmers' markets from New York to Mississippi.
Melissa McCart
Billy goat jail, though he was far from despondent when I saw him.
Melissa McCart
Chop these beauties; add lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper; grate parm; then garnish with chopped almonds and Italian parsley for a salad. Give the lemon and olive oil a chance to do its thing for a half hour or more before serving.

Melissa McCart
Eggs from the farm's chickens are so fresh, the yolks are orange.

Marando Farms, 1401 SW First Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-713-6441.

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