Kim Kardashian Divorce on SNL: Scallops Wrapped in Money

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The Kardashian divorce on SNL - scallops wrapped in money for everyone!
We're sick of reading about Kim Kardashian's divorce on Facebook.  Reading postings about the reality television starlet's break-up is not what Facebook was meant for. It was clearly meant for cyber-stalking old girlfriends and watching videos of kittens.

We did, however, watch the Kim Kardashian Divorce special last night on Saturday Night Live. What a party!  This is the most lavish divorce celebration we've ever seen.

Let's put it this way: After our divorce, we got drunk on a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon. At Kim's divorce, we get shrimp, scallops wrapped in hundred dollar bills and Earth, Wind and Fire! 

In case you didn't get an invitation, watch the SNL skit here:

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