Kermit the Frog on SNL "Weekend Update": Pizza Is a Vegetable?

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Kermit the Frog rants about school lunches.
Kermit the Frog is making a comeback. He's got a new movie due to be released in a few days, his relationship with Miss Piggy is still solid, and he even made an appearance on this past week's Saturday Night Live.

Kermit cohosted the "Really!?!" segment on "Weekend Update with Seth Meyers." The topic? Pizza being named a vegetable by Congress. Makes sense that Kermit would care about this topic, seeing that the kindergarten set is his target audience.

Kermit's observations: Whats next? Calling Twizzlers and grape soda fruit? Changing the national anthem to the Hot Pockets theme? Watch a frog rant here:

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No surprise that big food manufacturers pushed this through. It's all about lobbying.

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