The Justin Bieber Meat Mask: Eat His Face Off

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This photo is cute compared to what we're about to show you: a mask of Justin Bieber to sink your teeth into.

The photo prompts a blizzard of questions. Who decides to make meat masks? Is this a labor of love from a parent? A 15-year-old boy trying to hook up?


Behold, the meat mask. We always knew ground meats are gross, but this is delightfully so.

I'm hankering to whip up a Herman Cain rendition for a presidential contenders series. What are the steps to making a meat mask? Does it involve papier-mâché, or is it freeform? Do you eat it afterward? Give us your recipe in the comments. And thanks to these folks for today's vision in red.

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Reed Fischer
Reed Fischer

AKA Justin Bieber's face suffering from third-degree burns.

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