Trend Alert: You Want Fries on That?

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Are French fries the next add-to-everything item? Just as eggs have become the latest haute garnish on burgers, fried rice, pizza, you name it, it seems French fries are making an appearance as a topping rather than a side. Here are five things I've seen recently that signal an oncoming trend. 

5. French-fry eggs
Here we have a combination of the two most oft-added ingredients as of late: French fries and eggs. We could make this truly decadent by adding chili and/or poutine cheese curds -- which I've seen Food Network star Teddy Folkman make at his restaurant -- but I haven't seen it down here yet. Perhaps that's too decadent for folks trying to keep their figures for year-round beach weather. 
4. French-fry pizza
A specialty at D'Angelo, French fries on pizza is "what the kids are eating," our server told my boss. So we ordered the ridiculously decadent pie. And here I was bitching about too much cheese on things.

3. French-fry salad
I've seen fries in a Caesar more often than this fancy thing, particularly in Pittsburgh, where the Primanti's add-fries-to-everything habit has taken hold in numerous restaurants. The Grocery makes this number with flat-leaf parsley and the also-trendy hen of the woods, mushrooms. The restaurant is located in Brooklyn, of course, the epicenter of many food-driven trends. Expect this here within days to a year.

2. French-fry sandwich
Lucky us, we've got a slew of Primanti's to fatten up our sandwich of grilled meat, cole slaw, and tomato slices with fries on Italian bread. Look at that lovely thing.

1. French-fry hot dog
I loathe anything on a stick except popsicles, but I'll expect to see a curiosity such as this one next week at the Broward County Fair.

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French fry sandwich is beast mode!!


The last sounds perfect for the Texas State Fair.


And this soon will pass as the fattening of America continues.


You expect Americans to tire of a fat-ingestion tool? Heh, good luck with that.

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