The Five Best Competition Barbecue Team Names

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competition chicken turn in box.jpg
photo courtesy of the Jack Daniels Invitational BBQ Competition
Competition barbecue is serious business, with prize money and, perhaps more important, bragging rights at stake. But you wouldn't guess that from the team names, which often use double entendres as if they're saucing their meat.

Most competitions, such as the Jack Daniels Invitational, involve competing in categories such as pork ribs, pork shoulder/butts, beef brisket, and chicken for the title of grand champion. But here, we're looking for the grand champion of pork jokes, so below are our five favorite team names.

photo from MasterBasters facebook page

5. MasterBasters

This team out of Athens, Georgia, could really make some money selling T-shirts.

taken from Brown Chicken Brown Cow Website

4. Brown Chicken Brown Cow

If you don't know why this is funny, please consult the Urban Dictionary

Robyn Lindars, MIM 2011

3. Ribbed for Your Pleasure

True, ribs can be highly enjoyable.

photo from Hot Grill on Grill website

2. Hot Grill on Grill Action

No explanation needed here. This would be a great name for a reality show!

Memphis in May 2011, Robyn Lindars
Eric Chester and Neil Gallagher of the Too Sauced to Pork team check on a rack of ribs in the smoker.

1. Too Sauced to Pork

I might be slightly biased on name because I competed on this team at Memphis in May. But based on my Facebook poll of more than 900 barbecue dorks, this was the winner. And believe me, this team lives up to its name while also placing well this year at Memphis in May in ribs and brisket. 

Honorable Mention Team Names: 

  • The Hogfather
  • P-Funk and the Fatback All Stars
  • Notorious "P.I.G."
  • Slab Yo Mama
  • Best Little Boarhouse in Memphis 
  • South Florida's own White Trash BBQ

Pork Nativity Scene.jpg
photo and Nativity Scene by Neil Gallagher
BBQ can be quite hilarious: a pork nativity scene by Neil Gallagher, pitmaster at Too Sauced to Pork.

If you want to learn more about this world of competition BBQ in Florida, the best place to start is with the FBA, or Florida BBQ Association. Some of the winningest teams in BBQ have come from Florida, including Rob "Rub" Bagby and the Swamp Boys BBQ Team. They have won numerous grand champion and reserve champion titles at the Jack, which is like winning the Super Bowl of Swine.

"Grill Girl" Robyn Lindars is a local BBQ and grilling fanatic and documents her adventures and recipes at Clean Plate Charlie on Facebook and on Twitter: @CleanPlateBPB.

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Tracey Burch
Tracey Burch

Brown chicken brown cow is the BEST BBQ! They got them there nice butts and juicy too! Mm mmm

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