WIN a Free Bag of Potheads Candy (Condemned by the Miami-Dade County Commission)

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DrunkOctopus via Flickr
OK, so the Miami-Dade County Commission will not be thrilled with us about this one, but we're giving away a bag of sour apple-flavored Potheads candy. (Thanks, To the Moon Marketplace, the special candy boutique -- with 12,000 items from around the world -- that donated it.)

The treat, a gummy candy in shape of marijuana leaves, doesn't contain THC or any illegal substances; the top two ingredients are sugar and glucose. It's the packaging that the politicians have a problem with -- the bag shows a
droopy-lidded cartoon dude flashing a peace sign and smoking a joint. The bag is stamped "Legalize." Two weeks ago, the commissioners voted unanimously to condemn the sale and manufacture of the candy and urge retailers to remove it from their shelves and not sell it to children.

To win the candy, tell us your favorite stoner munchie food. Show a little creativity here, peeps!  (And be sure to log in with an email address, so we can contact you when you win.) We'll choose the winners at the end of the day on Monday. 

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favorite munchie food: i call them mouth desserts: when your high your lazy, too lazy to wash dishes so start by putting ice cream peanut butter and other delicious sundae condiments DIRECTLY into your mouth.. quenching your hunger and managing your laziness


Chocolate covered cashews, orange Fanta, and water man, LOTS OF WATER :P


An entire loaf worth of sandwiches consisting of honey ham, Publix cranberry/pumpkin seed loaf + a bottle of Teriyaki sauce..chips and dip, period..

OH, and Ritz cracker sandwiches w/Peanut butter + Nutella ;)

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