Riverside Market Remains in Limbo

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The fate of Riverside Market remains on hold as to whether it will continue as a restaurant or even as a market, confirms both Julian Siegel and a spokesperson from the city's Planning and Zoning Board. 

Siegel confirms that his property at 608 SW 12th Ave. in Fort Lauderdale has not had an inspection since
1970. "It's illegally zoned residential, yet the market has been grandfathered in for use," Siegel said. The issue in play is whether and how to change the zoning to commercial and how, since the 1920s building and the parking may in fact prohibit it from remaining a restaurant. 

Complicating the matter are a couple of factors, including the regulars: the city's chief of police, firefighters, and most recently Mayor John P. "Jack" Seiler, who stopped by after his monthly Run with the Mayor. 

Not to mention, Planning and Zoning's zoning administrator, Anthony Sarjardo, just started the gig within the past couple of weeks, said a city spokesperson. Clean Plate Charlie has called Sarjardo about Riverside's status, which Siegel was told would be decided first Friday and now today. 

"I'm paying my staff. I'm doing the things I'm supposed to do and will work with the city," said Siegel. "Do they want me to become a market? Will they shut me down? I'm not a fan of purgatory. But this is almost comical," he said.

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I hope it can remain in some form. It really helps push Sailboat Bend over to the more arty & up and coming side rather then what it could also be, a sketchy outskirt of downtown.


I talked to a spokesperson from the city this afternoon; the city is working on a doc as to the current use of the property that's legal and what Siegel needs to do to be up to code to serve food and drinks on site as well as parking and variances. It'll be ready in a couple of days. 


I'm confused. Why are high profile regulars A complication? Operating a restaurant and serving alcohol without liceses are less of a violation if you have certain customers? Did selling and the police commish know that they were eating at an uninspected restaurant ?

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