Top Chef Texas: Padma, Pee-wee, and the Alamo (Video)

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Padma's back for Top Chef season nine -- is there any other reason to watch?
Top Chef season nine is coming to Bravo, and this time, we're in for beef, beef, beef as the cheftestants battle their way through the Lone Star State.

Top Chef Texas promises to be more than "big hat, no cattle," from the look of the promo, in which we're promised 29 (!!!) cheftestants, Padma in denim, Tom Colicchio bald, Pee-wee Herman (remember the Alamo?), Emeril Lagasse, and lots of cows looking scared out of their minds.

Sound like fun? You'll have to wait until the November 2 premiere. Here's a sneak peek until then:

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