Say No to GMOs With the Rally for the Right to Know Sunday

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Do you ever find it a little odd that the leftover ears of corn you bought for the Labor Day cookout still sit in the back of the fridge with little to no signs of aging? Sure, this may sound awesome at first, but it has got to make you wonder about the long-term effects of eating genetically modified foods, no? While GMOs can promise a longer shelf life, they've also been linked to infertility, immune problems, environmental devastation, accelerated aging, and faulty insulin regulation. 
For these reasons among others, local grassroots groups have organized the Rally for the Right to Know, one of 100 satellite rallies being held across the country to help raise consumer awareness about genetically altered eats. October marks non-GMO month, and the organizers of these rallies are hoping to label all genetically modified organisms in the food supply. 

"Just recently, Monsanto's sweet corn has been approved and is set to hit the tables soon. Monsanto's BT toxin GMO corn is registered as an insecticide. Nine out of ten people when polled said they would not eat a GMO but little do they know, that they have been eating them at three meals a day," says today's organizer Trish Sheldon. "Forty other countries ban or label GMO's. Why? Because the people of Europe got loud, took to the streets and created a mandatory labeling procedure. We need to stand up for food here in the U.S."

The Rally for the Right To Know will happen Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. at the Yellow Green Farmer's Market (1940 North 30th Road, Hollywood). The day will be much more than a bunch of cardboard signs and chanting.  Sheldon says they will have live music, kids' activities, a puppet show by Autonomous Playhouse, organic food samples, tons of literature and guest speakers like radio show host Robert Scott Bell, Permaculture Miami's Marcus Thomson, Huffington Post Columnist Vaishali and Dr. Lynn Lafferty. Click here for more info.

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Karl Haro von Mogel
Karl Haro von Mogel

There are no GE crops that are currently on the market that offer increased shelf life. There used to be the Flavr Savr tomato, but it wasn't a good tomato to start with and didn't succeed commercially. So the whole long-lasting ear-of-corn thing in this article is an empty hook. If anything, plant breeding has increased the shelf life of produce - so you're suggesting that plant breeding is creepy.As for the claim that GE crops have been "linked" to a whole suite of ills - that is only true if you mean "hyperlinked" as in, someone put a link on their blog claiming that is true. But when you delve into the references for these claims - they unravel completely. If a GE crop was dangerous, it should be removed from the market, not just slapped with a label. Yes, there are people who dislike the idea of GE crops or distrust the companies that make them, but with only personal reasons, the issue of safety is being abused. In other news, food poisoning is actually killing people left and right. Too bad no one marched on the White House to improve funding for the FDA to handle these problems.


Karl, Thank you for writing. Plant breeding is wonderful.  However, The "Green" Revolution has turned into the "Gene" revolution.  The process by which we take the Proteins in Genetic Modification is what is creating the problems.  The Biotech industry splices Genes from the DNA of  one species and forces them with a Gene gun into another species. Foreign DNA of Bacteria, Viruses (E-Coli & Salmonella Ironically--the very thing that causes food poisoning) Animal and even the DNA of Humans, which is why Bayer Crop Science Paid about 700 million to a rice association for "infiltrating Human DNA via Pollen to nearby crops).  Once this 'new' genes mix out there, there is no telling what direction they will take.  Research "Horizontal Gene Transfer" "Don Huber's Warning" And Jeffrey Smith of The Institute for Responsible Technology. Read the Animal studies yourself.  Recently, BT Toxin (Bacillus Thuringiensis) in the "round-Up Ready" BT Corn is found in the Fetal blood of Pregnant women.

86% of all packaged processed foods on our grocery store shelf have some form of GM crop in it, by way of Corn, soy, Canola oil, sugar, etc., etc., (to name a few). And most of us eat them at three meals a day. 9 out of 10 people when polled state they would not eat a GMO, however, we eat them at almost three meals a day.

Where did our Secretary of Agriculture work before he came to this position? Monsanto. Linda Fisher from the EPA? Monsanto. What about Clarence Thomas, trying Monsanto Cases? Monsanto. How about Our New Food Safety Czar for the FDA? Michael Taylor? Monsanto. (this is a partial list) There has long been a revolving door between the policy makers, lobbyist, our Elected Officials, Our Regulatory Agencies &  Monsanto.

Monsanto destroys Farmers with a patented seed that 'terminates' each year so they have to pay royalties.  What if all seed took on this terminator trait?  What happens when these BT, Round up ready crops fail like in India cotton crops? or the soy fields in the mid-west?

The Biotech industry uses "tobacco Science" to create safety reports and 'in-house' studies showing safety and attacks, scientists that speak out on the issues . Quite frankly, it is far to early to know the true implications these crops have on our health, our farmers, our planet and especially the growing bodies of our youth.  Already, there is enough evidence alone from the animal studies, so I will not wait to find out...

There is a reason that 40 plus countries Ban or have mandatory Labeling on GM crops and we want GMO's Banned or Labeled here in the U.S. as well.

Thanks, Trish

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