Occupy Wall Street Response: Guy Drinks a $200 Bottle of Cristal in One Minute (Video)

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OWS rebuttal or douchebaggery?
At its best, YouTube videos are entertaining and informative. Usually, however, the site is filled with douchebags doing extremely stupid things.

Take, for example, L.A. Beast (aka Skippy62able). This muscled frat boy, complete with promotional baseball cap and shirt that reads "Guns don't kill people... I kill people," makes an attempt at forming an opinion about the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.
On his description of the video, L.A. Beast writes:

"People can OCCUPY WALL STREET but I OCCUPY $260 bottles of CRISTAL CHAMPAGNE because I can afford to piss away my money."

In the video, the Beast tells us how to drink his 2004 Louis Roderer Cristal (which he actually bought on sale for $199) -- "with extreme caution, care, appreciation and sophistication."...then La Douchebag proceeds to chug the bottle, stopping at the halfway mark to give the world's largest belch. 

What do we learn from this lesson in extreme greed? That "greed is good," as Wall Street's Gordon Gecko would say?  Since douchey frat boys aren't quite as eloquent as fictional Wall Street raiders, we are left with a simple "tastes like shit."  Enjoy:

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he's probably just trolling based on his other videos but either way it's bound to piss people off.


Well good to know the poster child for abortion has work as a douche bag.

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