Not Just For Dessert, Fast Food Minis Are A Whole Meal

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USA Today reports on the mini-dessert trend, which includes today's rollout at Baskin Robbins of the four bite cake-and-ice-cream dessert that fits in the palm of a hand. 

While fine and mid-range dining restaurants have featured mini sweets for decades, the trend is finally hitting the mass market. USA Today cites Datamonitor's findings that 228 mini cakes and pastries have debuted in the last five years, with Entenmann's and Starbucks leading the pack. Just the other day, I tried the mini red velvet whoopie pie from Starbucks. As cute as it is, the cake is a little dry as desserts so often are at the chain. 

Cakes aren't the only thing downsizing in fast food. Calorie count and size reductions are shrinking in sections of every fast food restaurant's menus. Here's our list of five downsized fast food items. Whether they're nutritious or sate hunger is another story.
5. Taco Bell's "Drive Thru Diet" Fresco Chicken Taco
The 110 calorie taco filled with (lots of) lettuce, grilled steak, and salsa is one of seven items on the low calorie menu.

​4. McDonald's Angus Snap Wrap
Though mushroom, cheese, and 1/3 lb. of Angus beef wrap is being marketed as healthy, the 430 calorie sandwich is nearly double the calories of a plain cheeseburger that weighs in at 290 calories. Perhaps a grade above mystery meat makes it better for you.

​3. KFC's Honey BBQ Snacker
Swap the crispy super fried mini-sandwiches for the marinade and you're only racking up 210 calories. 

​2. Dairy Queen's Mini-Blizzard
A 6 oz. Hawaiian little blizzard that debuted in 2010 packs in 300 calories and is five ounces less than it's previously "small" frozen shake. (The Oreo shown is 330 calories).

​1. BK Burger Minis
A single mini burger with ketchup and pickles is a dainty 105 calories. Eat all four, at 420 calories, and you might as well go for a Whopper. 

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