McDonald's McRib Is Back, Worst Cereal in America, Rip-Off Restaurant Foods, and More

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Happy Monday. We've culled food news from around the internets so you don't have to. 

The McRib is back at McDonald's, reports Huffington Post, the sandwich that was introduced in 1982 and makes its menu appearance periodically. 

What's the best and worst cereal in America? Women's Health ranks 25 brands,
with Golden Crisp ranking dead last. 

Forbes reports on inexpensive food items from which restaurants make the most money in "Restaurant Foods That Are Ripping You Off," with chicken breast, pasta, edamame, and guacamole among them.

The most stolen food in the world, reports Huffington Post, is... cheese? 

Perhaps petite rounds will stave off cheesemongers' losses. From the Wall Street Journal, we learn that cheese makers are creating smaller cheeses for individual servings. When it comes to flavor, size matters: "It's difficult to get the crystalline sharpness of a long-aged cheddar or the forest floor funk of a mottled blue cheese in a tiny format, but you can get a surprising range of flavors in a small package, from bright and tangy to nutty and sharp to buttery and ethereal."

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McRib is the real food rip off.....with it's molded in bone formations, painted on grill marks, and daring to call itself BBQ.

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