Which Is Worse: KFC's New Cheesy Bacon Bowl or a Frito Pie?

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Casserole comebacks aren't just for fat-basking Paula Dean, as fast food and sit-down restaurants continue to introduce them in the form of pies and bowls. Yesterday Eater.com reported Kentucky Fried Chicken's newest gutbomb, the Cheesy Bacon Bowl, an amalgamation of mashed potatoes, fried chicken, corn, gravy, cheese, and now bacon. It's an "abomination," Gawker declared. How bad is it?

The dish: KFC's Cheesy Bacon Bowl

The damage: A 183g. snack-sized bowl minus bacon is 260 calories, 120 from fat. The big bowl -- a massive
525g. -- weighs in at 680 calories, 280 from fat. All this before the bacon crack garnish.

The appeal: Little. After the Double Down debacle, KFC is the kid with cooties. Nothing it's introducing is getting props. That aside, the only gravy-ladled guilty pleasure with mileage seems to be poutine, and part of the appeal had been the novelty -- cheese curds? Canadians have their own dish? -- and the name. 

​The dish: Frito Pie

The damage: A medium, 145g. pie dishes out 510 calories, 310 from fat. The 275g. pie socks a whopping 970 calories, with 580 from fat. 

The appeal: Still huge. Frito pies have been glorified for a while now, though they were taken off the menu at Sonic and replaced by chili cheese fries (which range from 510 to 850 calories, depending on the size).
Aside from Frito pies being a food news regular -- the passing of the Fritos inventor also attributes to the revival -- you can also get the Floppie Frito Pie at Jo-Jo's with corn chips, chili sauce, Chihuahua and Cotija cheeses, jalapeños, sour cream, and cilantro with various meats added, such as chicken, rock shrimp, flank steak, and sirloin, for $8 to $13.

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Ramona Mclain
Ramona Mclain

The Frito Pie is a bowl-ful o' Heaven. It is a sweet childhood memory from my school cafeteria in East Texas.

Take a mini bag of Fritos, slit it down the side, & scoop in (homemade) chili, cheese, etc.


That honestly doesn't sound like that many calories to me. Hell a cheeseburger ANYWHERE has more calories than that.

That being said...I'm still not getting one!


You left out one very important ingredient listing: sodium content.


Oh yeah this.

We tried wine pairing for it earlier (http://www.regularwino.com/art... but since it's only available in the US I was only able to take a guess at it.

As for which is worse..six and half a dozen I'd say


Why is sodium important to you, Got high blood pressure? There are very few places to dine at that offer food low in sodium so whats your point. Salt Salt Salt it is meant for open wounds.


Uh, because I am trying to prevent high blood pressure unlike most Americans? Excessive high calorie fat intake and sodium laden fast foods are what is wrong with fat America today. Take a look around you at all of the overweight unhealthy people.

Do you realize that a McDonald's Angus Bacon & Cheese burger has 2,000 milligrams of sodium? This is 86% of your daily sodium intake. 2 grams of salt in one sandwich!

A KFC double down is 1,900 mg. If you're going to talk about what is bad for you, sodium content is right there with calories and calories from fat .

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