Happy Hour: Laser Wolf In Downtown Fort Lauderdale

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Jatinder Channa
Want a Patron shot and a Corona? Hit up Himmarshee St -- there's nothing here for you, bro.

If you haven't heard, Laser Wolf is the laid-back beer bar half a mile away from the congestion and confusion of Riverfront. It's one of Fort Lauderdale's few places that serve good beer and no bullshit. It's small, curved and quaint, but lined with wide windows, it exposes iron tables, passing trains and the Mother F-ing party going on inside. Truthfully, it takes me back to the Brooklyn dive bars where I used to drink $2 PBRs until I passed out -- except, this time of year New York is cold and gloomy, while this place has an outside patio where you can pick up tattooed chicks in 70-degree weather. Did I mention they have a 2-4-1 happy hour? They do -- and it's delicious.

The last thing the owners and most of the patrons want is Laser Wolf to be categorized as a hipster bar--understandable, as the first rule of being a hipster is completely denying that you're a hipster. But after living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the last three years, I feel I have an undisputed grasp on what a hipster is (Williamsburg is to hipsters as Mecca is to Muslims) and well, this is a hipster bar -- an inviting one (the name alone is porn to progressives). But just because there are more skinny jeans here than steroid users, does not mean it's not an awesome bar-- because it is. Actually from now on, please use that as the definition of an awesome bar.

Skinny Jeans < Steroids = This place sucks! Why do all the bartenders have fake tans?
Skinny Jeans > Steroids = This place is awesome! Why does that guy have a tattoo of a pirate ship on his face?

When it comes down to it, where are you going to get 60+ craft beers in a Fort Lauderdale setting that bumps music, but stays mellow? If you're tired of Bud Blah, Miller Meh and Coors Craps, stop convincing yourself that you like the bars you're currently going to and start coming out to Laser Wolf. With or without you, I'll be there -- discussing everything except social politics, bands that were better before they were famous and how American Apparel has sold out since they went public.

A Wolf + A Laser = A Great Time

Who: You and that girl with the tattoos. Tell her you're into The Smiths.

What: 2-4-1 on selected draft beer (they only sell craft beer, nine continually rotating on draft and another 60+ bottles, wine and sake).

Where:  901 Progresso Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL

When: 5pm-8pm, Monday-Friday.

How:  With a degree from art school. Just kidding, they'll love you even if you dropped out.

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Laser Wolf

901 Progresso Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

i love this place, great location, went in the 1st time for 1 beer and check it out.......4 hours later and great conversation, music , and vibe, and i was hooked!!


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Daniel Dickey
Daniel Dickey

Hey, how random! I was just looking for a terrible website to visit... then you posted that link. Problem solved.

Daniel Dickey
Daniel Dickey

Yeah, it's a great place to grab a beer... or two or three.

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