After Hiatus, Valentino's to Reopen Tuesday

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After a six week haitus for the off season, Valentino's Cucina Italiana will reopen this Tuesday for dinner, with Giovanni Rocchio at the helm and the menu that has earned accolades.  Why is this remarkable?

Because Rocchio
had been shopping the restaurant around, having landed a seller, and the deal fell through. Sources told Clean Plate Charlie that Rocchio had been hoping to swap fine dining for a more casual concept.

The standby menu of this Northern Italian restaurant won this year's "Best Pasta Dish" for ham and egg ravioli, a nod to this year's love affair with runny yolk. What makes it so delicious? "Freshly made squares of pasta are piped with fresh ricotta and spinach, forming a protective border for an egg yolk to be gingerly placed inside. With tender touch, the filling is sealed and the ravioli briefly boiled, then finished with truffle butter and crispy pancetta. A slice of the knife releases tangy yolk that commingles with succulent and salty sauce served alongside grilled asparagus and prosciutto bread," we wrote.

With pastas in the $25 to $30 range, fish averaging $35 a plate, and meat $25 to market price, fresh ingredients at Valentino's are expensive: out of reach for most diners, beyond special occasions. Traditional Italian cuisine may be beloved, but pre-recession prices on menus around here are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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Valentino's Cucina Italiana - CLOSED

1145 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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