Riverside Market Awaits Friday's Licensing Decision for Beer and Wine Sales

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​In the event you've been by Riverside Market for an Oktoberfest beer or six, you've likely seen the sign on the door the past few weeks: "No consumption of beer or wine in house or on the premise."

Today, Riverside Market had its hearing in front of city government to determine whether the market-slash-restaurant can continue as is or will have to curtail sales to beer and wine to go. 

Any chance the market will be denied a license? "You never know," said an employee. "The building is from the 1920s. Its age and condition might affect whether we get approved."  

Riverside Market expects to hear the outcome by this Friday.

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Riverside Market

608 SW 12th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Just talked to Julian this morning. He said he's meeting with the city on the decision this morning (Monday). I'll update you as soon as I learn what happens.

ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

if the city of fort lauderdale does not help The Riverside Market they should be ashamed of themselves, i would like to see the vote breakdown of who on the commision voted NO, and they should be named in this publication and scorned. The city should help independly owned establishments, not bow down to the large corporate $$ only, this gem is in one of the oldest parts of our great city, must use the SWING BRIDGE to get to it!! GREAT FOOD, GREAT BEER SELECTION, GREAT STAFF, GREAT FUN!! They tore down O'hara's on Las Olas for no reason, this city must embrace our history, and everone out there-support the locally owned business'es, ,like Spike Lee said--DO THE RIGHT THING, CITY OF FORT LAUDY DAUDY DALE!!


Omg, how will I go on if they don't? If they give one to them then they'll have to give them to publix and 7/11s too. It's not a restaurant just because you make hot food. What fun if people start eating fried chicken and boozing it up at the supermarkets.


Use your real name Eric. No one else could come up with such a brilliant post.

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