Philippe by Philippe Chow to Open on Las Olas by Late Spring 2012

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The casual, Beijing-style Chinese dining branded by Philippe Chow in Boca Raton this summer is slated to open at 450 E. Las Olas Blvd., in the former Jackson's Steakhouse building, confirms Philippe Chow CEO Stratis Morfogen. 

Morfogen said the company had been eyeing Fort Lauderdale for the casual concept. "It's a wealthy demographic that is under-served when it comes to Beijing-style Chinese cuisine," he said. Opening the casual concept here "would not cannibalize our other restaurants," he said in reference to the Boca casual- and Miami fine-dining location. 

The real estate deal has been in the works since
the Boca location opened in August, when owners of the Las Olas building attended the Philippe by Philippe Chow debut. "They made us an offer I couldn't refuse," said Morfogen.

Originally run by restaurateur Jack Jackson, Jackson's Steakhouse was host to the expense account set prior to the recession. It shuttered in 2009, with BOVA Group to recast the space as a martini and cigar club that never materialized.

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Location Info

Jackson's Steakhouse - CLOSED

450 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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ted anthony inserra
ted anthony inserra

This is great news for Las Olas Blvd!!! since you have arrived on the dinning scene Mellisa, only  good things have been happening for Fort Laudy Daudy Dale !! A restaurant of this caliber is what we needed on Lower Las Olas!!! 

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